Bunny family

The cuddly bunnies are sewn from reused fabrics (mostly cotton shirts, dresses, skirts etc) and stuffed with airy batting. The bunnies are not afraid of the washing machine, but they prefer to be placed in a separate washing bag and the water temperature should be 30 C. Dresses and pants are removable - dresses can be removed over the head as usual, but to remove the pants, the bunny has to take a deep bow, so the suspender could come over the head. As a stuffing material I prefer batting instead of wool because large quantities of wool are expensive and hard to find and also when wet (I mean when a little owner wants to take a small bite), it doesn't taste or smell very good. Also I don't believe that bunnies should smell like sheep :) The product is patented.

... when you desire to shop

"... I sew bigger bags for you and for the smaller ones I sew smaller bags. The bags have distinctive applications (boots, umbrella, tea set, birds) and two sided handles. The bags are also made using reused fabrics (mostly curtains, tablecloths and trouser shins). It is nice for a child to have his or her own bag where to pack things when going to the kindergarten or to visit granny. I think that there can never be too many bags - at least in our family."

Etno-barbi dolls

Etno-barbi dolls are girls with fancy dresses and hairstyles. As is the custom, these girls can also be dressed. The dress comes off by gently pulling over the head. But be careful with the hair! Etno-barbi dolls are not afraid to be washed. The bathing water should be 30C and they would feel safer to spend their spa time in a separate washing bag. The product is patented.

For a beautiful home

I love crockery and old furniture. Old furniture seems to have a soul of it's own. Every item has something to give and say to the home. I love to model clay and fix up old furniture. Working with the furniture I like the end result more than the actual repairing process itself. I have an impatient nature and I like to see the results quickly :) My first clay works I made while attending arts and crafts class with my son Aleks. We had a very nice teacher Hele Mall who in addition also organised a clay modelling class. It was back in 2004 witch seems so long ago now. The love for clay remained and in 2009 together with my daughter Andra I attended a clay club which was run by ceramist Kadi Hektor. Now we do our clay works at home.